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Every man is like the moon, with the dark side that never let anyone see.


In the clothes you can but don't let careless about dressing, tainted soul.


The two most important days in your life are the day when you were born, and the day when you found your purpose.


A cat and a lie is the biggest difference is that a cat has nine lives.


The golden age is before us, not behind us.


The doctor knows so little, the charge is so high.


Hope seems like a family, without it, you will find life boring; with it, you feel every day for its hard work, is a kind of trouble.


If a man has a teaspoon of the mind, there will be a pride.


When the truth is putting on its shoes, lies halfway around the world.


I can live for two months with a compliment.


Is also speak, is also expounded their ideas, people attracted trouble, but won the applause, this is the expression of philosophy.


A good education is to hide our good evaluation of ourselves, and to hide our poor evaluation of others.


Once there was a message, very beautiful, like as precious as gold. When you are climbing up the hill, I hope you will meet a friend.


If I was born eighty years old, and slowly grow to eighteen years old, life will be more happy.


A strange and full of vanity and boring woman! I think I don't love her, unless it is a raft in a vast expanse of water in, not to see other food.


Habit is a habit, who can not throw him out of the window, and can only step by step down the stairs.


History does not repeat, but only rhyme.


When love comes, you can't and it theory, also can't tell it about the price.


Discipline is like massage therapy, must rub rub.


Don't know what you will be more careful, trouble is you think you know.


His feeling is like a man to go to see the rainbow happily, the result was thunder.


Constitute the main component of life, not facts and events, it is the main component of the thought of the storm, it is all life in the human brain blow.


It is not ignorance that makes us into trouble, it is a fallacy that seems right.


Reading health books must be careful, maybe a printing error will be the death of you.


Humor is a power of salvation.


Grief can be self cooking; and the taste of joy, if you want to fully understand, you must have someone to share.


Don't be a fool and to argue, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.


Adam is the luckiest man in the world. Because he has no mother in law.


If you adopt a dying dog, feed it to the fat, it will never bite you. That's the main difference between people and dogs.


As long as let me create a national superstition, I will no matter who gave him the law, no matter who gave it a song.


Every life has an asset, it is higher than the value of all other assets, is his last breath.


Sometimes reality is more absurd than fiction, because fiction is in a certain logic, and the reality is often no logic at all.


A false humility, true humility will die in time.


If your friends begin to say how young you look, it is that you are getting old.


Humans are the only animals that blush, or the only animals that blush.


I'll never use the money in a dubious way.


Even if you close your mouth and look like a fool, you are better than the opening to make sure that you are a fool.


Not a century, no country has ever lacked such an expert, they can know the mind of God, but also willing to express it.


The only way to stay healthy is to eat what you don't want to eat, drink what you don't like, and do what you don't want to do.


The violet left its scent on the ankle, and that is forgiveness.


Human beings in the vast majority of people, no matter is barbaric or civilization, in secret is kind-hearted and timid dare not call to the suffering of the people, but when a handful of specializing in aggression and ruthlessness of the front, they dare not opinionated.


Kindness is a universal language, it can make the blind deaf feel, smell, beyond the borders of the good. Is non-stop on people can stop and, sometimes, people around me are the most in need of your help!


Be sure to do something every day that you don't want to do. This is one of the most valuable guidelines, which can make you develop a serious and responsible job and do not think that the habit of suffering.


The scheduled time is up. The funeral had begun, and it was forty miles away, but I could see it clearly, as I was there. Place beside the library of Langton's mansion, clean well the coffin parked in forty years ago, her mother and I stood where, we just got married there. Thirteen years ago, her coffin has been placed there, or how long, I will put in the coffin there.


The children were sent to school, at least at that time, it was a school. Effeminate young generation every day here concentrate on hard work ten hours, from books, learn some things they don't understand the useless, relying on nothing more than rote memorization, like a parrot; therefore subject to finish education achievement only two points, one is forever a headache, reading skills, read fluently very, not stopping to spell the words, not ventilation.