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I chase you chase you chase you, just as a hunter chasing fox; I kiss you kiss you kiss you, just like the old man eating corn。


Xiao Ming is always sleeping in class, the teacher criticized him: you can not sleep? Xiao Ming answered: no, because I am a obtains。


Touching you that please tender face, then touching your belly! Good! The pig knowledge lecture to the end, see you tomorrow!


Do you have a angel face, devil figure, even you fart posture is so beautiful。 Can in public under, control the tempo?


You are the most beautiful in my eyes, aquiline nose mouth, toad rat eyes round, a mouth, under the nose dripping - mouth water。 Happy April fool's day!


These days, I always wanted to say three words to you, but again afraid said even friends can do, but I can't help, or want to say: borrow some money!


I am a lonely tree, stood one thousand years on the road, lonely waiting, just for one day when you past me, is you dump, hit not flat you even miss life。


Dear you really can't afford to, slept at 10 o 'clock, five meals bowl bottom, no one can than weight, gave the pigs, look at the messages happy April fool's day。


Eight quit when he asked: depend! Joking! Why let me talk to gaos thought yulan separation。 Old way: she is a person, you are a demon, I am afraid that your child is a transvestite。


A drop of water is infinitesimal in the ocean, great in the desert; Red-crowned cranes in a swoop small, great in the chickens; You are infinitesimal in the crowd, great in the pigsty!


You look very abstract! You look very dim moonlight! You look very fuzzy! You look very…… Weird! Give me a break, I can't describe your appearance, I have never seen a ghost。


Gradually, face yellow, as white as a soya-bean milk, lips like brown sugar。 Has not object, but also pretend to be strong, see the United States eyebrow like wolves, met the elder brothers, also the samples。


Say you idiot you know words, say you fool you know angry, say you stupid you know back to SMS, said the wood also know you think of your mobile phone! I wish you a happy April fool's day!


In fact。 Alas, forget it, or forget it。 Ha ha, this sentence isn't it make you struggle? Send to you for free, while today April fool's day, tell the people around, he can't go to sleep at night。


Fools in rain man said rain person fisherman's fisherman's April fool's day of a fool than to fool people will into the language cloud rain man rain man cry: I wish happy April fool's day around the halo people!


Life is like a tea table, above filled up with, when we think they jump out of a cup, but fell into another cup, if you do not have to jump into another, the congratulations you, you are off the table。


Kiss you feel green with a hint of fragrance, with gentle ups and downs in the caresses you feel smooth, in think you feel excited with a sweet taste, I really want to remove your clothes now。 Persimmon。


I pass by the bedroom floor, a floating above。 Looking after all do, only see the tears with flow。 Huh? Braise in soy sauce flavor。 Depend! Who have no moral, so after eating instant noodles disorderly pour soup!


First love is new version; Is rekindling retrofit; Premarital cohabitation is trial version; Wedding night is genuine; Rib is a collector; Fall in love with a widow is a revised edition; Wife seduce people is piracy。


Notice: tomorrow morning have led visual check work, dear colleagues, please unified dress as required。 Man: suit tie shorts slippers; Ms: swimsuit trousers for leather shoes! Remember that! Happy April fool's day!


Send you a good friend, he is very considerate, when you cry, he accompany you cry, you laugh, he accompany you to smile, even you lost his temper, he would have lost his temper! Ha ha, is reread machine……


Heard you were abducted, really scared me, although you are stupid since the childhood, is harmless to the society, who is so bold, unexpectedly dare to take you to sell, I really worry about him, to sell off just strange!


There is a festival called April fool's day, have a kind of blessing called fool blessing, there is a word called fool, have a happy happy, called by fools have a happy that deceived。 April fool's day, happy holiday!


In spring, I will send you a smiling face, tossing and turning to let you, in the spring, I will send you a little poem, let you to extrapolate, spring, I will send you a heart, let you ratio who all happy April fool's day。


Do you have any last year today received a text message, let you remember? If you received this information, prove you cell phones have been infected with the virus, please leave your cell phone at once into the water to soak for a day。


The end of the world", don't have to be thankful, not surprise, in fact, the mayan prophecy is the Maya and we had a super big joke, let we had a April fool's day, ha ha, friends, happy to live in the present moment!


Once upon a time there was a girl called Qiao Nina, she and the shad, a fall in love, they look at the stars together。 When the meteor across the sky, they will this meteor named: Qiao Nina ShaDeXing。 I wish you happy April fool's day!


Want to and you go to the sea, but can not grasp the uncertain future; Want to go climbing with you, is the ideal blank; Want to go with you stray, but can't get happiness heaven; Would you like to go shopping with you, the police are not allowed to take the dog。


Today there will be a lot of sorrow "fool", its performance for meeting notice not letter, leadership call don't listen to, somebody will treat, someone a gift, don't even receive a text message can't laugh。 Fools because of April fool's day happy!


A college student was caught by the enemy, the enemy took him tied to the pole and then asked him, said, where are you? Don't say electricity dead you! College students back to the enemy in a word, the result was electricity dead, he said: I am a TV university!


Animal world is really wonderful, the lion roar to hundred birds。 Zebra antelope eat the grass, bear the elephant blind mischief。 Rabbit bullying small tortoise, always wanted to and it to the race。 Only the tortoise was silent, open the phone addicted! Happy April fool's day!